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Re: and then, there's also this.

Raist3d wrote:

The Smoking Camera wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Well that wasn't very good news.

I'll be honest with you. I am not shocked from the point of view that I think it should not be a surprise that the Nikon 1 hasn't as a whole done well, and Nikon seems like they are pulling the plug. They got all the feedback from surveys and implemented that in the new DL line.

Sure, part of the blame of that failure goes to Nikon themselves. But in all honesty, looking at the DL, and the things they changed tells me they thought about it for a while- they didn't rush to make them. Seems like they positioned them at a good price- to me the remaining question is how good their lenses are and so far it seems encouraging.

I will tell you right now, I would pick (assuming a good lens) the 24-85mm equivalent over the RX 100 MKIV (as good as it is) any day because I see they solved some key photographer issues.

The only reason I am not preordering one is that I made my peace that I will feel I want better performance shooting with a 1'' sensor at night for my street shooting. Either wait 2 more generations for sensors to change, or have at least a F1.0 50mm lens-

An F/1 lens would only be .5AV from the 32mm f/1.2 which is now available.

I wouldn't be too happy shooting at 50mm / F2.8 (or F2.5?) on the new model. It's in fact the reason I gave up on the Sony also, though the Sony to my surprise did include a lovely lens.

If I was a daylight shooter though, I would totally use the J5 or Sony or the DL (preferably the DL for being also pocketable).

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