Conjecture on Nikon DL and One

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Re: Conjecture on Nikon DL and One

The Smoking Camera wrote:

Warning, the following is total conjecture on my part.

Nikon may have realized only serious amateurs and enthusiasts were buying additional lenses for their Nikon V camera and/or clamoring for updated features and versions. Most purchasers of J and S cameras were likely content with the included 10-30 kit lens or possibly another zoom but that was about it. So Nikon has seemingly eliminated the J and S line and produced the all-in-one DL cameras with a variety of built-in zoom lenses.

This is a lesson Nikon learned from the D3xxx

Makes sense. The DL line is marketed as a compact DSLR alternative to distinguish itself from P&S and cell phone cameras and to Nikon’s credit they added enough features to somewhat support the claim (4K, a standard hot shoe, an EVF option, ED and FL coating and most importantly - fast glass). In one fell swoop Nikon raised the bar on their CX sensor-based cameras and satisfied the zoom needs of most existing customers while opening the door to a whole new set of customers. I’m impressed. Of course they had to do all this and at reasonable prices to stay competitive. I’m still impressed.

What about the flagship V? The evolution has been poorly managed to say the least. In addition, I believe Nikon realizes V owners are the most vocal both in their desires and their pocketbook. Who else is buying 70-300CX and/or 32/1.2 lenses? So now that the CX bar has been raised considerably with the DL zoom line, Nikon is in a position to produce a CX-based mirrorless interchangeable lens camera second to none. Whether it’s called a V4 or DLx doesn’t matter. And as long as Nikon holds nothing back it could be special. Of course this necessitates introducing at least one fast zoom and perhaps one or two uber fast and/or long primes. A new and improved Ft-1 adapter that uses more than just the center focus point would also be welcome.

Overall I see the DL line as a very positive move by Nikon and a strong commitment to the CX line. Nikon just needs a flagship interchangeable lens camera to satisfy the rest of us. It's either in the works or will never happen. My guess is the former.

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