Conjecture on Nikon DL and One

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Doesn't seem like it.

DesertCat wrote:

I think it's good to point out that the DL cameras have a "sports" VR mode, but my first question is whether they were just relabeling the VR modes that the N1 series already has?

My V2 has the following VR modes: Off, Normal, and Active. I think the default is to Active which is the most aggressive. I'm wondering if they just changed the label from "Active" to "Sports" because it's easier for people to understand? To be honest the "normal" and "active" labeling was always it bit strange. At least in English "active" would normally just mean that it's turned on, but maybe they really meant it to be "Action" and, upon further review, tried to make it "Sports" because that is even more obvious?

The description of Active of Nikon 1 and Sports of the DL is different. Not saying that categorically, just seems different.

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