Conjecture on Nikon DL and One

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Re: Conjecture on Nikon DL and One

I think it's a very reasonable possibility. Let's face it, the N1 people that visit DPR represent a unique selection of those that own these cameras. The S & J owners that come to these forums probably represent the 1% that do go on to buy additional lenses. After that, you have a whole bunch of V-series owners that are willing to buy some glass.

Earlier today I shared the year old interview Nikon did with imaging resource after CP+ 2015 and it was pretty clear that they were much happier with the sales margins on the V3 than S/J. The fact that they can sell glass to V -series owners makes it the population they want to pursue. I'd even go so far as saying that the people that liked the modular approach to the V3 have now been taken care of with the DL series and the removable EVF (the small street camera approach).

Heck, I'm a bit of a cheapskate compared to some here (waited for bargains on my wife and I's V2s) but I still paid full price for two 18.5mm lenses and a copy of the 6.7-13mm. Though Nikon would be less happy with my bargains on a 10-100mm, 10mm, and a refurbed 30-110mm, that still has me putting cash on the counter for their lenses.

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