Soft Proof Part II

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Soft Proof Part II

A few weeks ago, I posted this thread:

My problem then as it still is: Soft proofing does not work (at least to my expectation). In this earlier thread, I let it get off topic by entertaining suggestions as to what color space I should be using rather than why soft proofing wasn't working. Currently, I am working in Prophoto until I export using Save for Web where I check off Convert to sRGB (screen print below). What I see when I view the image on my Windows desktop (which can be grotesquely off-base ) is not what I see in my PS editing screen. I have essentially been exporting the image, viewing it on the desktop and then reworking it PS some more. I'd like for soft proofing to eliminate that step.

I am sure I am doing something wrong or I have a setting that it is wrong. Please do not state the obvious. Refrain from comments like "it's working fine on my system". Provide a suggestion or a solution instead.

The first image is viewed without soft proofing enabled. In the second image, soft proofing is enabled. Ignore the color in these screen prints as this isn't even close to the editing screen in PS where I am using Prophoto. I am using the Custom Setup for my soft proofing and that doesn't seem to change the color of the image at all. I can select other soft proofing color spaces and those selections visibly and dramatically change color of the image but even these do not match the color of the image as seen from the Windows Desktop.

I do not seem to have any control over the screen print color so I am sorry about that. I would like to show you the very big difference. But I am screen printing these trying to anticipate and satisfy any question that I may not be soft proofing correctly.

No Soft Proof

Soft Proof enabled.

The two images above are identical.

Soft proof setup

This Screen Print was intended to show the difference between what I see in my editing screen versus the preview in Save for Web and on my desktop but the Screen Print itself is saturating all Reds/Orange to such a degree that differences are being blotted out and generally destroying detail. You may be able to detect a higher saturation in the preview (browser window) which is basically the effect I am complaining about. I really need to soft proof in order to avoid these unintended colors not to mention the extra step.

I'll be glad to screen print any PS or Windows setup screens you need.

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