LX7 Firmware Update

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Re: LX7 Firmware Update

St Evan wrote:

johnty wrote:

I am Cynical about firmware updates as I have had every FZ camera, from the great Fz50 to the Fz150,and LX5/LX7 Which I still use, but I can't remember the last time Panasonic cured any issues with a firmware and I was answering the question on whether there would be a firmware, and sure as I can be after 12 months they are not going to issue a firmware for the LX7.In the same time period I have had 3 firmware updates for one of my Nikon DSLR'S

Cheers John

You must have missed the Firmware Update for the LX5 then.

It was an huge improvement!


So was the one on the LX3

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