Having a hard time to select a lens for a dance performance shooting

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Re: Having a hard time to select a lens for a dance performance shooting


Thanks for the great tips! I'm a big dance fan and have been dabbling in dance photography. Could you say a bit more about when you'd use the 85, 200/2 and 70-200? I've been shooting in the wings, and the 85/1.8D has been my main lens, with occasional use of a 50/1.4D. I have almost no interest in shooting from out on the house floor, as that's covered by the area dance photographers, but am doing more reportage stuff.

I do use d9 mode all of the time in AF-C on my D810, but I'm finding that manual focus can sometimes be better because you can place your focus precisely, if a bit more slowly, than AF which can get the wrong thing sharp.

The new Sigma 50-100 with the D500 has great promise as a good dance setup ... if the Sigma can focus correctly. I'm going to be testing that out as soon as LR has them for rent.

Another thing to add to Mike's list is to learn what a good line or form is supposed to look like for whatever dance form you're shooting. For example, ballet dancers do not want to see themselves in ugly-looking positions like slightly bent knees or feet not fully pointed or not fully-turned out.

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