Why the Lens Issues

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Why the Lens Issues, short sited thinking!

dkeller wrote:

Why is Sony having such a problem with the quality of their lenses for FE and E mount? Are the issues of edge sharpness and excessive distortion at the extremes, especially the wide end, due to technical problems with the short flange distance or, in the latter case, simply over reliance on correction by the camera's and/or post processing?

I've also considered the A6000 but there the problem seems even worse. I'm doing a similar post on that forum also in reference to that camera.

This is exactly my quandary, I really want to upgrade my Sony 5T to either the a6000 or a6300, but can not find a zoom lens that will take advantage of the great sensors in of those cameras. I'm starting to re-think getting either the a6000 or the a6300 since there are no really good native APS-C E-mount zooms in Sony land. I am NOT going to use ONLY prime lenses to get the most out of either of those great sensors. Both the kit lenses were OK for the early 16MP sensor cameras at those prices. BUT now with the new and improved 24MP sensors, only getting 6 P-Mpix (according to DxO) is simply ridiculous! Compare the 18-105 blur graph on SLRgear.com with the Olympus mFT 12-40. The 18-105 is probably one of the best regarded native APS-C zoom lens Sony makes, but if you look at the facts and data, it's still a sh_t lens, comparatively speaking. Then, when I went to DxO > Measurements > Sharpness > Field map, that compared the Sony 18-105 to the Olympus 12-40 and that confirmed my my decision. Why can't Sony make a zoom lens like Olympus, maybe they are much better at making sensors than they are at making high quality lenses? Oh yeah, almost forgot, once you figure in Olympus has that great 5-axis IBIS in the E-M5-II/E-M10-II and f2.8 lens vs no IBIS and f4 for Sony, there goes any APS-C advantages. They are also both completely weather sealed, and cost less than the a6300 WTF!

If Sony ever decides it will NEVER make any other native APS-C zoom lenses, I may need to jump ship and change to another format or manufacturer. As much as I like my 5T, two kit lenses and Sigma 30, I want much better IQ and lenses, but Sony simply is not up to the task, unfortunately

Even if I got the a6000 or a6300, I'd still be stuck with two very mediocre zoom lenses and nothing to upgrade to. Oh yeah, please do not suggest buying FE lenses since they were not designed for either the a6000 or a6300 cameras. I will never consider putting FE lenses on either of those two cameras, period. As you have read many times, buying into an ICL systems first starts with the lenses in that system. Now I can see why I've read that so many times, cuz it makes a lot of sense!

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