Oly 17mm 1.8, Oly 25mm 1.8 or the sigma 19mm?

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Re: $599 vs $199

Wow....what a thread.

I really don't understand all this 'lens sharp enough' talk. I've had the 20mm pana, i've also owned the 25mm PL, and right now, I'm using the Oly 17mm 1.8 on an OMD em10.

They are all superb lenses. All I am interested in is being able to nail a shot, so I want all round performance, and so far the 17mm oly matched to the OMD is epic. Kids running about, dog charging around, it gets it done. The pictures look superb...really good.

I NEVER pixel peep. What a waste of time. All i'm interested in is a good photo.

Pixel peep Henri Cartier-Bresson photos....they must all be sh*t...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take the shot of Cassius Clay stood over Sony Liston when he won his first world title.....pixel peep that.....What an awesome photo though!!

Any famous  photos taken through the years upto recent times will look awful when pixel peeped.....but it doesnt mean it's a bad photo!!!!

One of my best ever shots is of my wife and 3year old doubled up laughing about something....I grabbed the camera quickly and fired a shot. It wasn't set up, and unfortunately focussed on the table, not either of them. They are out of focus, but I caught that moment in time, and it's a great photo, one of my alltime favourites.

All the lenses discussed will give great results, if you just want to catch a moment in time, and not start scanning a photo close up for sharpness, and/or faults. People have forgotten why we hit the shutter button I reckon. We seem to be more obsessed with gear than photo taking.

It's all good, and we're spoilt these days.

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