K7 front dial and shutter speed

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Re: a possible fix...

bricko wrote:

Ive had to send my K7 back for this issue also. The edial became erratic and generated completely random shutter speeds etc. turn one click and it would jump from 250 to 3000 etc.

Talked to tech at the CRIS and he said its a common problem and they put on some type of conductive lubricant to fix it. Seems the contacts in the potentiometer need to make contact and at times it gets dry or was not lubricated with the proper amount of conductive lube to start with.

But its worked for over a year now after their fix.

I just came across this thread while trying to fix the same problem: random, erratic speeds while working the SS dial. My K 7 had only 500 actuations when I bought it a year ago. Hadn't used it much, but when I hauled it out I had this shutter speed dial problem. On another forum, someone with the same problem on his K7 ran his hand back and forth across the SS dial, making it turn very quickly. I tried it for about a minute, and that fixed it! He said he's snapped over 10k pics with his since the fix, so I'm hopeful.


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