Sony A7rmk2 Downsizing Lenses

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Re: Sony A7rmk2 Downsizing Lenses

Bob Tullis wrote:

In lieu of the 16-35 I have a CV 15/4.5ii, Loxia 35/2, waiting on a Loxia 21/2.

I can also vouch for the CV Ultron 28mm, as well as the Sony 28/2. The 21mm CV Ultron is also recommendable.

Then there's theLeica WATE . . .

The Leica WATE 16-18-21 is one of those lenses whose performance is evidently very conditioned by the length of the adapter used (floating elements).

I first used mine on a Novoflex adapter (which are notoriously shorter than the theoretical length) and the extreme corners needed to be stopped down in order to be very sharp.

Used with a different adapter, it behaved like a different lens, with the corners getting very sharp up to 2 stops earlier. When measured, the other adapter was very close to the 9.8 mm length M to NEX adapters should have, while the Novoflex was nearly 0.1 mm shorter.

Now I've shimmed the Novoflex and several other adapters used with lenses having floating elements.

(The Canon 16-35 4.0 L is another lens which sometimes has softer corners on the A7 series than on native Canon bodies. Mine does brilliantly: my adapter is close to nominal length...)

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