I think it has been about three months

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Re: I think it has been about three months

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John Michael Winterbourne wrote:

Tom, I've enjoyed it so far but I think quite early on it was clear that were at least two major interest groups here: those whose main interest was in getting modern AF lenses to work in a comparable way on their camera with an adapter; and those, who like me, have been looking to use "legacy" manual focus lenses on modern digital cameras, which necessarily involves some sort of adapter. People can clearly have a foot in both those camps.....

I think this forum will actually be better suited in the long term to people of the first persuasion?

I'm not convinced - if anything (and it might well just reflect my interests) I'd say that this forum serves those of us who looking at legacy non-AF glass rather better.

I've not really bothered trying to use any of my former-SLR AF lenses on the A6000 I have. Can't really see the point the point when I can buy current AF lenses which fully utilise both mount and camera body capabilities. For sure though there is a cost issue in replacing a lens one might have rather than using an adapter.
For me it's all about the fun of re-discovering how I learnt photography in the first place, finding new (old) interesting lenses and a bit of bargain hunting...

Let's set an arbitrary limit: more than six MF lenses and you are a "collector"?

What became very clear to me after my Canon EF experience is that when you give your heart to one mount such as EF you have placed yourself at the mercy of the company that drives it.  When ML bodies became de jour Canon has ignored this design type other than throwing in the sop of the EOS-M.  But having spent a kings ransom on EF lenses and wanting suitable high performance bodies my EF fleet went into semi-mothball and relegated to my aging 5D body use for my theatre work.  Never again was I going to chance my lens investment to the whims of a camera body manufacturer with a dedicated oem only mount.  So legacy MF lenses proved very interesting and took me on a journey via Samsung, Ricoh and Sony (aps-c and FF) before I finally settled on M4/3 - initially for the tiny GM1.  I had the Samsung kit lens, no Ricoh lenses (they did not provide any) and no Sony lenses.  I backslid when M4/3 sucked me in as they have so many delightful lenses to choose from.  Now that M4/3 bodies can drive all my EF lenses as well as most of my MF lenses I have one system that copes with all and (surprise) it provides me with multiple body styles from a largish battery pack E-M1 to the microscopic GM1.  And I do know that 1) Sony has aps-c and FF sensor bodies and 2) that made for FF Sony lenses are just as big as Canon EF lenses and 3) made for aps-c Sony lenses have little point on FF Sony bodies.

One day I might get a Sony A7 series MkII body but at AUD$4,000 I am in no desperate hurry.  I might save my $4,000 and wait until I see what the A9 might bring.

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