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Re: NX500 - video fun

Kino Seed wrote:

I doubt that the company would specifically spend more time and money on developing worse hardware. Most probably it's still just software crippled.

It can be, but in the same time there are other variants such heat, buffer speed and volume, other chips and communication lines between components, that can play a role for NX500's "limitations".

Just look at, the not out yet, 4K crop on Nikon D500. There is no reason to be there, heat shouldn't be a problem for such a big camera, Nikon doesn't have any other camera to protect for that matter, and they had a couple of years (to Samsung) for better and cheaper technology, alas, no full read out 4K. And it costs (body only) 4 times what a NX500 (kit) costs. I am not comparing the cameras in anyway, but some technical aspects that people are taking for granted, especially for such a small, and cheap camera.

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