Conflicted - 500mm II, 600mm II or 200-400 w/1.4x

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Re: Conflicted - 500mm II, 600mm II or 200-400 w/1.4x

Trevor Sowers wrote:

David M. Anglin wrote:

600mm f4 L IS II I had the I version of this lens and it was a beast. I kept it about two years and sold it after a hauling it around Yellowstone. The new version at 8.65 pounds sounds great (close to the old 500 I version) but it is still 1.5 pounds heavier than the new 500 II. I love the additional reach but worry that the additional weight will get old.

200mm- 400mm f4-5.6 L w/1.4x. I love the versatility of this lens but feel it would be too short on a full frame body even with the 1.4x extender. This lens would give you new creativity options with the ability to zoom and flip to the TC. I understand the resolution is very good with the TC, but feel it would be a waste to try stacking another TC to get more reach. I have the 100-400 and will upgrade to the new version if I don't purchase the 200-400. I expect a new 100-400 would be significantly improved over the original and the only downside would be having to add the 1.4 when needed.

I know all of the lenses would be great, but I am curious if other have been done this path and would appreciate the basis for their choice. I am leaning towards the 500 II with an upgrade to the 100-400 when available.

Thanks for comments.

Why not grab the 600 and both teleconverters for blind work etc. and grab a 400 f/5.6 for a lightweight walk around super tele?

i have the canon 600 f4.0II, 300 f2.8II,, 400 f5.6, and 100-400 II and i find the 100-400II the most resilient with high quality optics lens and the most used by myself! while the primes are dream lenses when opportunities arise, i just can't praise the 100-400II usability and IQ enough

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