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Re: 600ppi 4x6 Test Chart Available Here

Ah... I was printing with high (slider 2 mode, I may modify all Nashua's Settings profiles to Custom wiht highest res mode 1 and using diffusion. I printed with Qimage.

I will try the same test again with custom settings.


fotografer wrote:

Good for you, Nashua!

Just for you to look for in these test images, besides the color
accuracies (though one refill against all OEM may not be very
telling in terms of color accuracies - or tweaking), is to see if
the prints showed any signs of printer struggling with giving
artifact-free prints at causal viewing and close viewing. Of
course, if you don't view your prints close and never do so, then
forget about looking for those things. This 600ppi file was,
however, conceived in hope of those who would like to see exactly
what are the limits of the printer (if any), and how to perhaps
optimise them as such.

BTW, which mode did you print your 4x6 with? The default slider 2
mode or the slider one highest res mode?

Did you use Qimage? Or PS or some other programme?

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