NX300 firmware hack to remove video recording limitations

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big problem with card format

Hello and thank you very very much for this new firmware (1.45c). Since i bought the NX300 i wait for it, to record videos longer than 30min.

First short question: With this firmware, is it also possible to load the camera while stay on? Because it recorded nearly 90min with 100% battery power on plugged in power adapter. Usually, also with power adapter, the battery empty out.

Second question: I got a realy big problem. Because on the card are a lot of holiday pictures, i resign to format the card with extFAT and record one shot 80min long in 1920x1080/24p on this FAT32 formated card. And now i got one corrupt file. I know its endless stupid and i facepalme all time about my fault, but is there any.. any.. possibility to scrape the bits from the card? Maybe the cam writes the stream along behind the filesize limit and its somehow possible to find and glue at least a couple of this bits together to a video?

thank you all

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