IXUS 255 HS = IXY 610f or 620f ?

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Re: IXUS 255 HS = IXY 610f or 620f ?

I have been looking for details of PowerShot 330 HS (that I hope is the same as IXUS 255 HS) recently and ended with buying Japanese IXY 620F. According info found at Japan sites, I understood that:

- IXY 610F and IXUS 255 HS were the same
- IXY 620F was sold in Japan only
- IXY 620F had an improved IS, WiFi and digital zoom

Here is few quotations (translated by Google):

The difference of IXY 620F and IXY 610F has improved the camera shake correction effect. IXY 610F is camera shake correction effect at the telephoto end was 2.0 stage in the CIPA standard, now 3.0 stage become a successor to the IXY 620F. In 1/125 sec required scene, it will not shake at a shutter speed of 1/15 seconds. Indication of camera shake so 1 of focal length minute, if the focal length of 125mm equivalent, is required 1/125 sec shutter speed if there is no camera shake correction.

IXY 610F is start-up time was about 1.4 seconds, has evolved into about 1.3 seconds become IXY620F successor machine.

strengthening of the Wi-Fi function seems to be the main difference.

Digital zoom up to 20 times in a single progressive fine zoom.

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