Rubinar 500mm f5.6 mirror

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Re: Rubinar 500mm f5.6 mirror

The thing that goes with the Rubinar is that its exceedingly sharp if you get a good copy and its not actually all that big, its just fat and heavy, the lens weighs 1.6kg so its not a lens you hand held. Best employ a bean bag or a very sturdy tripod. The biggest problem that most people have is that it doesn't have forgiving depth of field control. An F/5.6 lens at 1000mm is actually quite shallow.

They're all "MTO" lenses so come out of the same Soviet era factories, it's hard to find much information about them other than they were military grade lenses. At one point in time they produced Zenit, Zorki, Industar Jupiter and other Zeiss optical clones. Although this lens is produced much later in the picture and not from that lineage.

What little about what they do is on their Russian website here:

The present day company makes tank periscopes, as well as many other Russian military hardware projects. The predecessor company to LZOS is the Russian KMZ (Krasnogorski Mekhanicheskii Zavod) That began manufacturing lenses based on the Carl Zeiss Jenna lens specifications in 1945.

The biggest advantage in the Rubinar is that its an F/5.6 vs. the similar optical quality Yashica, Olympus, etc, which are all F/8 lenses. F/5.6 means you can use it at 1/1000 and still have enough light during most of the day to shoot.

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