What am I doing wrong - can't find A6000 manual

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Re: What am I doing wrong - can't find A6000 manual

Begreen9 wrote:

Thanks, but I am no newbie. I've had Canon products for over 40 yrs. This is my first Sony. In spite of major technological advances and features I have never been at a loss with any Canon. The documentation is good and the UI well laid out. Normally I am up and running with the camera within days, not a year or two. I expected a learning curve, but did not expect to be crippled by an almost total lack of documentation. This is really unacceptable.
I just downloaded the European docs and will see if they are more helpful.

I didn't mean to imply that you were a newbie, just my way of describing the complexity. I have newbie friends who expected to be able to use the Nikon D7100 with no study or training: "I was told that it was the best camera under $2000, so what's wrong with my photos?"

Provided you know something about photography, most cameras should be easy enough to learn. My progression with Nikon was S6300 (P&S), D3200, D7100, and it seemed pretty logical to me, although I was rather surprised at the "depth" of the options available with the D7100, even though I had a good grounding in photography and general technology. Having spent some time with the D7100 and gained a few insights, it was useful to go back and tweak some of the options on the lesser cameras.

The Sony literature isn't good. For a start, there are several versions of the instructions, and they are not well written and badly organised. The menu labels are sometimes uninformative, and there are some features that I only discovered by accident, despite having pored over a good deal of information.

I found that spreading some of the features over the three memories was a way of sorting everything out. This was particularly helpful for getting used to the multiple AF and tracking modes. Making printed lists of menu options was also helpful, as the options vary somewhat depending on the menu type. You can also use the Fn button to bring up frequently used menu items that don't rate assignment to a customisable button. I use C1/C2 for focus options.

You'll find that button customisations can't be saved to individual memories, and one feature that causes confusion is that if you enable BBF (Focus On), you need to separately disable AF with shutter in the menu, and there's no other way to do that.

In computing terms, if going from a P&S to the D7100 is something like going from MS-WordPad to MS-Word, you might find that the Sony is a bit like tackling a Mac for the first time; it's all there, but "different".

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