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Noise levels? Anyone know what kind of noise I could expect if any or much? Don't know a thing about Fuji, except the 7000 peaks my interest.

Thanasis wrote:

I am not sure of course but I am betting that the new dslr or s9000
if such a designation really exists, will be a 3mp camera with the
new CCD SR sensor, which as fuji states has better colour range and
attempts to introduce near film performance. As fuji argues:

Super CCD SR will provide a truer representation of the actual
subject being photographed, revealing highlight detail and
increased dynamic range, and resulting in stunningly detailed
images – particularly in dark and highlight areas. Fujifilm has
dubbed this advance 'High Fidelity Photography™', a reference to
the sensor's extraordinarily accurate rendition of detail – very
similar in principle to the technology advances that led to the
development of audio 'hi-fis'.

Fujifilm has paired two photodiodes per photosite: a larger,
primary photodiode adjusted for high sensitivity, with the
secondary photodiode for lower sensitivity. As fuji argues, when
combined, they offer four times the dynamic range of conventional
photodiodes. Samples yet to be seen. This is the ccd used in F700.
It remains to be seen how it performs.

So keep an eye on the performance of F700, because its sensor may
be used to a new cheaper dslr

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