What's the noise inside FZ1000?

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Re: What's the noise inside FZ1000?

chezchuck wrote:

OK, this is what I received from Panasonic Engineering. This should close out the thread:

Hi Charles

I received an e-mail with 4 questions about DMC-FZ1000, all questions are about the noise coming out form lens unit when camera is turned on, well this camera has a large lens unit in consequence the image stabilization parts and current applied are large to be able to hold a heavy lens (OIS lens is suspended by electromagnetic force) so the noise you are hearing is caused by Image stabilization, zoom and focus motor-mechanism, it is normal and does not cause any malfunction. Noise cannot be reduced without reducing O.I.S., focus and zoom performance

1. Is it common to hear a motor noise as soon as the camera is turned on? No matter what setting are being used.

>>>> Yes it is

2. Even if the camera is stable. (sitting still on a table top)
>>> even that camera is stable image stabilization, zoom and focus will start operating. Note: even if camera is stable image stabilization (ois) still works to hold in place the correction lens

3. What is causing this noise? OIS, Focus, Zoom system

4. Which motor is causing this? OIS Focus, Zoom

Thus my original definitive answer:

There is and has always been a definitive answer and solution to this problem. We can close this thread out.

1) Get an external Microphone -- a good one

2) Get rid of the Camera

3) Shut up and live with it

Now if you don't mind, I'll get back to working on World Peace...

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