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Re: Perhaps a little misleading...

Matsu wrote:

and maybe only accidentally so, but iPhones or not, that was a large production, and appears largely staged, not exactly "documented", and there's nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't represent the capabilities of the iPhone as most people expect to use it - that is as a low profile way snap an interesting moment, just take it out of your pocket and shoot.

That is distinctly not the case here.

To quote from the story:

"We were a large team, without whom this whole exercise would have been very different.

Photo Agency: SILK PHOTOS
Lead Photographer: Sephi Bergerson (Silk)
2nd lead Photographer: Christophe Viseux (Silk)
3rd Photographer: Sunny Pariani (Silk)
Assistant Photographers: Raveesh Pandrekar, Glax Graces, Puneet Desai, Prateek Sharma
Cinematography: Reel-Vision / Mike Cottrill (Silk)

Event Organiser: Hem Kashyap
Entertainment & Artist Coordination: Sumedha Garg Jindal / S.G. Arts & Entertainment (DEL)
Decor: Diya Walia
Makeup Artist: Jyoti Kumar
Hair Styling: Ahmed and Nasir"

There are no less than eight photographers/assistants/videographers on that shoot! If we assume that 1st-2nd-3rd are shooting, and video is recording, then there are four assistants lighting, posing, and propping various scenes. Video lights are clearly present in the shots, and a lot of staging, for images that ultimately might be useable at 8x10, but certainly not much beyond that.

It still makes the point that the camera doesn't matter, but perhaps not entirely in the way the authors intended. iPhones don't make this a lower profile undertaking in the least. It's good click bait - and site traffic of any kind is valuable - and it might even be great marketing, i.e.. "look what we can do with an iPhone!" but really it wasn't that easy, they had to use a lot more equipment and human resources, and the only real difference is that conventional cameras would have produced better final output.

Very well said.

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