Flat Earth, shutters in space, and Steve McCurry

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Re: The Internut Paradox ...

Joe Pineapples II wrote:

"The problem with quotes on the Internet is, most of them are fake" - Albert Einstein.

Every single statement that you read published on the internet constitutes a falsehood.

(Were this knowledge-claim not in and of itself entirely false), the "Pinocchio Paradox" is a major problem.

Those flat-landers may not be quite so daft as we might be tempted to so hastily conclude, after all. Surely, if one were to hike long and far enough, they might themselves come to gaze over the edges of this finite "plane-land" into an infinite (necessarily similarly planar) abyss that "line-landers" can never know.

After all, the here seen arising out of occultation blood-red Moon here looks pretty darn flat to me, bucko:

The Drumphian illuminati, and many "movers and shakers" in the know, rightly wonder exactly what hidden agendas the Obama administration is craftily hiding on the dark-side behind that papier-mâché moon !

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