Flat Earth, shutters in space, and Steve McCurry

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Re: Flat Earth, shutters in space, and Steve McCurry

dojoklo wrote:

OK, this is a bit of a ridiculous question, but I'm curious about something. The "Flat Earthers" have been in the news a bit lately - those who still literally believe the Earth is flat.(!) One of their arguments is that all NASA photos are fake, so those "round Earth photos" aren't proof of anything. And one of their arguments for this is a quote they attribute to Steve McCurry. This is what they say he says:

"No shutter today could be used outside the earth. The loss of gravity would damage any pictures and the camera." Steve McCurry (the quote is taken from his book "Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs")

Now, can anyone verify if this quote is really in his book, or that Steve McCurry ever said anything of the sort? I highly doubt it...

I'm guessing this is one of those things where someone found or made up that quote, and then attributed it to the only famous photographer they could think of, for gravitas.

Whether it is made up or not, why would anyone use Steve McCurry as an authority on photography in outer space? Did he try it? Study it? Isn't it like quoting Paris Hilton as an authority on quantum physics?

To refute a flat earther, hand them a global flight time table and ask them to draw a flat map that fits the distances and travel times. At least you're wasting their time and not your own.

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