Where do I go from here? Currently using E-M1 setup.

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Where do I go from here? Currently using E-M1 setup.

This is what I currently have:

  • E-M1
  • Oly 9-18mm
  • Oly 12mm f/2
  • Panny 20mm f/1.7
  • Panny 25mm f/1.4
  • Oly 45mm f/1.8
  • Oly 60mm f/2.8 Macro
  • Oly 14-140mm
  • Oly 100-300mm
  • Samyang 7.5mm Fisheye
  • Sony RX100 M1

About 90% of my shots are landscapes during hiking. The remaining shots are people shots when asked to take them, but I don't enjoy doing them. I'm not much into street photography at all. May be some impressive looking man-made structure. ALL shots are taken using RAW and I use Lightroom.

I tend to take the body plus 3-4 lenses on each trips, depending on the nature of the trip. The most used lens by far is the Oly 9-18mm, at 9mm view. May be 70% of my shots are using this focal length. I do NOT use tripod at all because I don't want to carry them into my somewhat demanding hikes. Since I also like taking dusk shots, IS is very useful for me. THe E-M1 + Oly 12mm + 5-axis IS allows for some pretty nice hand held shots. I regularly take 1/2s shutter speed shots using Oly 12mm f/2 lens.

I do NOT print at all. I do have a 65-inch 4k TV and that's my main viewing device. I also share on Google+ which brings the resolution down to around 4MP.

Here's what I think after using this setup for almost 2 years:

  • E-M1 is a bit too bulky and heavy. Wishing for a slightly lighter setup if possible. My hands are small and E-M5 without optional grip was fine.
  • Better IS the better. E-M1 is already nice but I'll take better IS if exist.
  • I don't use all programmable buttons on the E-M1. I use HDR button for exposure bracketing, PASM dial, two dials and one button to switch between manual/automatic focus. I rarely use other buttons. I do take lots of bracketing shots, so I do appreciate fast buffer speed of E-M1.
  • I occasionally wish for more DR - the usual story, blown highlights, not enough details in shadows, etc. Hence heavy use of exposure bracketing when the scene appears to be challenging.
  • I'm getting into video. After seeing really good 4k videos from Youtube, I really want to start taking some 4k landscape panoramic videos from National/Provincial parks we visit.

Two new activities I've taken on recently got me thinking. First is the backpacking camping trips. We are nearly 50, so we won't enjoy carrying heavy loads. Lighter setup the better but obviously good IQ is still desired. 4k video would be really nice. widest possible view is highly preferable. Second is snowshoeing so the weight is less important but since it will be cold, changing lens will be unpleasant.

Options I'm thinking:

  • Change E-M1 to E-M5 II and buy Panasonic LX100 - addresses 4k video requirement and portability but that means I won't be able to use Oly 9mm as often. I like 9mm shots much more than 12mm shots.
  • Change RX100 M1 to RX100 M4 - this gives me 4k video but from the samples I've seen, not all 4ks appear to be equal and RX100 M4 is somewhat on the low-end.
  • Change E-M1 to Panasonic GX8 - addresses 4k video requirement, but its IS is supposedly much worse than E-M1's. It also looks bulkier, weighing about the same. Physically, I like the look of OM-D line-up far more.
  • Change E-M1 and all lenses into Sony A7 based setup - If I get one of the later models, cost is much higher. The lenses are far larger than Oly 9-18mm but it does give higher IQ higher DR, and 4k video. Not looking forward to carry heavier setup.

E-M10 II is lighter but its IS is 1-stop worse than E-M5 II. Not sure I am willing to take that sacrifice.

So are there any setup that will address my desires? Did I overlook on anything? Wait more for better options?

Wow that was a long post...

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