What is the Battery Life for Video Recording on EOS M

Started Jan 25, 2016 | Discussions thread
Coyote_Cody Senior Member • Posts: 1,166
Re: No, this one...

Herlein wrote:

I highly recommend the Canon versions. Using other brands is risky. Another note is to make sure you buy the right one. E12 for M / M2. E17 for M3.

Nothing risky if the voltages outputted to camera are the same-compare-not genomic research this !!

Still ANY user of ANY M# cam should have at least a couple of extra batteries (cheap except for M3), and I have gotten at least 1 hr from a battery but usually get ~1.5+hrs.

But you still may have to deal with the stupid 29.59min limitation anyhow, so a battery swap is quick and then begin the next ~30min segment-if your cam has that limit.

Some places there is NO AC for an adapter to be had !!

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