Flat Earth, shutters in space, and Steve McCurry

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Re: Flat Earth, shutters in space, and Steve McCurry

dojoklo wrote:

OK, this is a bit of a ridiculous question, but I'm curious about something. The "Flat Earthers" have been in the news a bit lately - those who still literally believe the Earth is flat.(!) One of their arguments is that all NASA photos are fake, so those "round Earth photos" aren't proof of anything.

My gut feeling is that most of the Flat Earthers are doing this for some other goal other than promoting what they consider the truth. I think that many of these folks are actually practical jokers, or what they are doing is simply performance art or conceptual art. Maybe they are trying to prove to themselves that most folks are just sheep, bleating out conventional responses instead of reasoned argument. Maybe a few of these people actually do believe, but I can't judge that.

And one of their arguments for this is a quote they attribute to Steve McCurry. This is what they say he says:

"No shutter today could be used outside the earth. The loss of gravity would damage any pictures and the camera." Steve McCurry (the quote is taken from his book "Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs")

My camera works equally well in all orientations, which leads me to believe that it is gravity-neutral. It also works well when on self-timer, taking photos while being swung around my head by its strap, and also while being thrown and dropped. So the quote is nonsense.

However, I think the Flat Earthers get the most joy when someone wastes precious time, as I am doing, by refuting them.

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