Utterly depressed at the poor picture quality from my 6D upgrade

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I looked at a couple of your shots and they seem very fuzzy for the 6D to me at iso 800 - e.g. in the background of the fly. What file size and format are you taking?

RAW 20M.

Did you crop them down?

Sometimes where it makes sense.

turn off ISO, put mirror up on (or live view)

Every shot uses live view. I have however switched down to ISO 100 for the past hundred shots or so. When I first got the camera, for some reason at ISO 100 and with the flash it kept coming out way underexposed; that seems to have gone away now (plus I often put the flash at +1 power).

and avoid it being too hot as appears to be the case when looking at the twig the fly is on.

Yeah something definitely went wrong with that one; I think it overexposed because there's no background at all. In retrospect it's a very tightly cropped picture and so no wonder that it's so blurry. I hadn't noticed it was tightly cropped until I started using DPP which shows you the uncropped thumbnail and bounding box constantly on the side.

I use the Canon 100mm macro (non-IS) and would expect to see cleaner and sharper images than you seem to be getting.

I will post some RAW files in the near future for comparison, especially once some spiders start helping me out and coming within tripod range Unfortunately the weather has been super hot lately and so I haven't gone outside much. From what I have taken the pictures have definitely improved a little but there's still a lot lacking.

At least I don't feel like throwing it all in the bin though.

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