Cheap little lens for Nikon 1

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Cheap little lens for Nikon 1

Bought this to complement my J4's kit 10-30mm PD zoom for low light shooting.

Good looking, quiet in operation and world of difference with that 1.8 aperture in low light!



+plenty fast

+pretty shallow DOF can be achieved, the closer the object to the lens, the shallower it gets, dont expect super shallow DOF when object and its background are not spaced enough for shallow DOF to be apparent though.

+fast focusing.

+very quiet, my 10-30mm PD zoom lens is quite noisy in comparison though other have reported PD lens to be whisper quiet.


-no VR/IS/OIS in lens and no mechanical or electronic image stabilization in camera neither so takes some steady hands to shoot at slow shutter speeds in low light when handheld. Shooting with tripod, naturally, should cause no problems in this regard.

Other observations:

Has given false focus confirmation when in reality object is out of focus in either very low light or low light with close subjects(less than one feet, never occured with kit 10-30mm PD zoom lens), but the camera and lens are plenty fast to refocus. Havent checked if theres fw update for it though.

If you expect to use this lens for group shots indoors, you will have to either do so in bigger rooms or try to move people into one corner while shooting from the other due to 18.5mm width of this lens, if theres plenty of light, any 10mm lens will do or just use flash, its not that bad after all and adds sharpness in low light to your pictures.

When I put this lens on my J4 for the first time and switched into video mode and shot short clip I was amazed how overexposed my video is, I had left the settings of my 10-30mm PD kit lens, nice first impression! It can shoot as low as ISO1600 in normally(not daylight bright) lit room.

Kit lens(10-30mm PD zoom f3.5-5.6) was usable in the same lightning at ISO6400 while this prime lens achieves the same results somewhere between ISO1600-3200.

So yeah, I'd say definite choice for low light video!

I wish there were more Nikon 1 lenses available, especially budget ones from 3rd party companies, albeit, Nikon is somewhat shy of sharing their lens fw/sw with said companies for now.

Overall I believe that this and 30-110mm zoom lenses would be great kit lenses to sell bundled with this camera!

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