Please Mr Nikon, no video

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Re: Please Mr Nikon, no video

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

lanefAU wrote:

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

lanefAU wrote:

Nikon must be shaking its head. Are you aware, even professionals use DSLR Video now? If you don't like it fine, just don't use it. Same as auto on my camera, I never use it, but I am not going get worked up about it.

The Df has been on the market quite a while now, with no drop in price and certainly not pulled from production. I suspect rather than shaking its head, Nikon is smiling all the way to the bank.

You know what they say? One swallow does not make a summer. I am sure there are many Nikon gear that are holding their price as well.

I agree with you. But, had the Df been the colossal failure most predicted, or still believe it to be, I think Nikon would have had a fire sale to clear the shelves and ceased production. Admittedly, the disdain for the Df stems more from its overall design layout than the fact that it has no video. No video is just a small reason for most not liking it. For me, it's just a small reason, but nonetheless a reason, that I do like.

The proof of the pudding (or in this case the DF) is in the eating. The proof of the DF will be in the upgrade. I suspect the DF will have been enough to satisfy the nostalgic longings of most buyers and any subsequent upgrade just won't sell. I'd be very surprised if Nikon makes another. Of course nothing's impossible - but it's unlikely. Perhaps the retro nature of the DF precludes the possibility of an upgrade - as in defeating its purpose

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