Does iPad or tablet of any kind have hdmi input ?

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Re: Does iPad or tablet of any kind have hdmi input ?

I have also been looking for a way to use the hdmi input to tablet  for field monitor, and so far without much luck, until yesterday, By complete fluke I occidentally purchased the hp slate book 10 quad core x2, not knowing it was infact 2 parts i.e tablet and bottom docking station,  auction who sold me it didn't have bottom piece, or correct cables. ... I know should have checked rite? well that was 1 of alot before xmas, so didn't look at them all in as much detail as I should have. However It may be answer to your problem. then again it may not. here my thinking the connection port on bottom of the tablet is to dock with a keyboard. it supply it with power and if you have an sd inside dock will obviousness transfer files over threw this port. this port has me stumped iv never seen it before and its hps own design, but correct me if my research is wrong its hps own design on a display port. and can run 4k threw it? sure thats what i read. its kind of a thunderbolt connections. if thats the case, im sure you can simply detach tablet from dock plug in a hp special port to hdmi and bobs your uncle, if they havent made it yet im sure it wouldn't be to hard to hack the cable with a bit of cross splicing

Then Again I could be way off mark after all I did think it was a single unit to begin with. Ive order docking base from internet. and what i think are correct cables, I,ll keep you posted if it works. slatebooks are pretty reasonable in price these days for what your getting display is amazing. and a quad core intel with 2 sd card slots usb and keyboard. sure u could snag 1 for under $150. please if any1 with the know how  let me know if im off the ball or if its possible thanks.

J ust

B Raw

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