NX300 firmware hack to remove video recording limitations

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Re: WARNING - VERY LONG POST - Some interesting things from NX500 FW

It does not work that way, unfortunately. At 240fps (or anything higher than 30 fps for 33ms rolling shutter) the next frame scan starts before the previous has finished. At 120fps you have 4 scans crawling along the vertical plane of sensor at the same time, each offset by one quarter of the path.

Once we reach ~5ms rolling shutter we will be very close to eliminating mechanical shutter (which also suffers from rolling shutter at very high shutter speeds like 1/4000s and similar, essentially anything faster than sync speed). Holy grail is global shutter (without downsides global shutters have today), but I think ~2ms will enable for 1/250s sync speed and no visible rolling shutter in video.

You should Google rolling shutter examples to see exactly how it works and why.

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