Lightroom 4 corrupting RAW files / 'Unexpected end-of-file' error'

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Re: Lightroom 4 corrupting RAW files / 'Unexpected end-of-file' error'

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Was there ever a solution to your file corruption? I am having the same problem and have seen other threads of people having the same issue. I believe it's a LR issue as the file is fine on her parts of my Mac.

Doubt it, as ACR and LR are read only products in terms of handling of raw data. That's why they write sidecar files.

Well: files were corrupted on my machine at the time ... so more than 'read only'.

Sorry, you're logic of blaming the software doesn't wash. There are all kinds of reasons files can be corrupted. Like the drive, OS, etc.

Might try converting the proprietary raws to DNG and see how that goes.

Why should a conversion of an already corrupted file result in a non-corrupted file?

You can't convert or do anything with a corrupted file! You could convert good files to DNG and see if they get corrupted as LR/ACR do write to the files (not read only, no need for sidecar files). Now if, as I suspect, you've got some hardware issue, the DNG's too could become corrupted. But again, proprietary raws are read only so the possibility that the software reading them is corrupting them doesn't sound kosher. At least no one here has provided proof that this is the case?

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