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Re: The X70

Sal Baker wrote:

You do understand that the X70, GR, and Nikon A are not meant to be studio cameras? I'm surprised you would want to use 18mm for portraits, beauty and fashion.

Looks like a bit of misunderstanding here: my post was related to how I use my DSLR right now. However, in conclusion I was evaluating X70 in terms of how transferrable my skills and habits are from DSLR to X70, where X70 passes just fine. That of course does not mean I am intending to use X70 as a replacement for my DSLR kit. In fact I had even said that for studio use it is "unlikely use but possible", meaning technically possible to apply the equivalent workflow but not something I would really do, especially considering 18.5mm lens which practically rules out studio portraits, beauty, fashion, and product photography. So I agree with you 100% on that.

You may also need to do more research. There's nothing you mention that can't be done by any of the compact APS-C cameras, no?

True. However I prefer mechanical marked dials and flip screen. To my knowledge X70 is going to be the only APS-C compact camera available next month offering that. Have I missed some other make/model? Any suggestions?

I am curious though, sense you don't like LCD read-outs, how do you know what your aperture is in shutter priority, or your shutter speed in aperture priority? When I use my X-E2 9n aperture priority, all my retro shutter speed dial says is "A."

Not that I don't like LCD readouts, I just prefer not to look at rear LCD screens showing both the scene I am framing and overlaid parameters while I am changing them. However once I set inputs I want, I am perfectly fine monitoring other parameters camera calculates in real time on rear LCD or through EVF/OVF along with scene framing. This is just my personal preference, nothing more.

I love my Fuji camera, but I'll never be so brand blind that I look at all the options.

I don't even own a Fuji. My DSLR kit is Pentax, current compact is Canon, owned Olympus and Panasonic compacts before. I was considering Canon G7X or Sony RX100III/IV decided bigger sensor is better option, looked at Nikon A, Ricoh GR, Panasonic LX100, at one point even Sigma DP-1 Merrill. When rumors about X70 started I waited, and at this point I think this is it for me.

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