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Re: X200/X100T Replacement

My prioritised list after 7000+ shots on my X100T within 2½ months (the fantasy shutter counter says 10,300).
1) Weather sealing

2) The new sensor

3) A front control wheel

4) An option to set one or two of the control wheels to deal with one or two parameters without pressing a function button or going into the q-menu first.

5) The wheel should be able to control settings like ISO, shutter speed (the full range not just +/- 2/3 stops) and - most importantly - aperture. I really do NOT like the aperture ring on the X100T.

6) The auto-iso should be able to go to at least 1/500 of a second for daylight street photography, and please bring back the missing steps like 1/50 for low light situations. (I am puzzled why we have so many slooow options instead of faster options).

7) A bigger viewfinder

8) The joy stick looks handy.

9) I take a lot of pictures in unpredictable and highly variable low light scenarios (night life). It would be great to have softcaps on the speed in the auto-iso settings. Softcap 1 sets the absolute minimum shutter speed. Softcap 2 sets the maximum shutter speed before more aperture is added. Many times, I would prefer 1/80@f2.8 over 1/160@f2. But if I set the aperture to 2.8, the next shot might fire at 1/10 of a second.

10) I doubt this will happen, but IF a faster lens is introduced, I'd like to see a soft speed-cap on the aperture in the custom program settings. Again, in the same situations as above, I'd probably prefer f2@iso10,000 over f1.4@iso5.000.

If Fuji provides 1 through 6, I will pre-order. Otherwise, I might just wait and see what an eventual X200S will provide.

(edit: added a bigger viewfinder)

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