Economic use of lenses on FX and DX.

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Re: Economic use of lenses on FX and DX.

Chuxter, I don't think you got my point. I know the difference between FOV and FL. But my lenses FL's added together and alternately used on two bodies, one FX and another DX, gives me the practical experience of reach from 12mm (widest lens on FX) to 600mm (longest on DX) AND the corresponding Fields of View (not AOF's and not FL's but FOV's).

But to be honest, in the meantime I considered the theory behind sharpness, cropping and aperture of FX lenses on DX bodies. And the disadvantages are more disturbing than I thought. (See my second post in this thread.)

So I reconsider my lens line up.

Nevertheless, thank you for responding.

Regards, HansN

chuxter wrote:

HansN46 wrote:

Using FX lenses on DX bodies is quit often discussed as sensless. But I think it has advantages to when using an FX and a DX body next to each other. These are my lenses:

1. -Sigma AF 12-24mm
2. -Nikkor AF-S 18-140mm
3. -Nikkor AF-D 28-70mm
4. -Nikkor AF 70-300mm G
5. -Sigma AF 120-400mm

The total FOV of all my lenses together combined with the two bodies is the added FOV of lenses like:

The numbers listed are FLs, not FoVs. And there are errors. First, you don't change the FL just by mounting the lens on a body w/ a different sensor! That 12-36mm lens is always a 12-36mm lens. Same for all the others.

If you are trying to show the "equivalent" [shudder] FLs, then you have to convert both the minimum and maximum FL!

no. 1: 12-36 [should be 18-36]
no. 2: 27-210 (only used on DX because of crop on FX)
no. 3: 28-105 [should be 42-105]
no. 4: 70-450 [should be 105-450]
no. 5: 120-600. [should be 180-600]

You don't need lens #3, because its FLs are totally covered by lens #2.

I think that's a rather complete set of lenses to economicly cover all possible gaps between focal lenghts/fov's; there's actually no lack of FOV from 12 to 600mm

Should be 18-600mm or [better] 12-400mm.

Not that I am satisfied with my lens line-up so far, because I have sold some lenses to finance the purchase of the bodies (7200/600) and bought some cheap ancient ones to cover my needs for the time being.

So will I soon get a fast 35mm prime to use on FX (for streetwork) and DX (for standard use) both. And the 70-300mm G wil be replaced, but it's about the concept.

Any thoughts?

I think your concept is to simplistic. There are OTHER lens parameters that are just as important as the FL; for example the aperture.

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