X200/X100T Replacement

Started Jan 17, 2016 | Discussions thread
Mehran Khalili Forum Member • Posts: 99
Re: X200/X100T Replacement

Here’s my list of wants for the next-gen X100 series model. Of course this is based on how I shoot, so totally personal:

- Guts of the X-Pro2 (sensor, processor, menus, etc.). Meaning faster operation, better DN, high ISO, etc.

- ISO dial integrated into the shutter one (as X-Pro2).

- Focus switch as a lever on the camera front, like Fuji’s ILC cameras (the switch is dinky).

- Updated lens, as you said. Keep it 23mm/f2, to keep the size compact.

- Full compatibility with the lens adaptors. And yeah, I’d love a 24mm, but I think it would be massive (TCL is already unusually large).

- Same size.

- Better quality finish (weather sealing will add to the bulk, so it's less important for me.).

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