NX300 firmware hack to remove video recording limitations

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firmware hack download?

NewToCameras wrote:

Hello, I've been working on this recently, and thought I'd share. I've modified Samsung's stock firmware for the NX300 (not the NX300M) to remove the silly video recording limitations. By default, videos recorded by the camera are limited to 30 minutes, or 4GB file size, whichever comes first. This meant that all videos recorded were limited to just 30 mins, or in the case of 1080p@60fps, just a little over 20 minutes, since the file size limit is reached first. This firmware removes both limitations.

I've done some testing and everything appears to work as expected. One vitally important thing to note is, because the filesize limit has been removed, your memory card MUST be formatted as ExFAT. The FAT32 filesystem does not support files over 4GB in size, as opposed to ExFAT, which will happily support files larger than you can imagine (~128 PetaBytes, according to Wikipedia). What this means is that, when recording on a FAT32 memory card, the video has a very good chance of becoming corrupted.

Recording video for extended times doesn't appear to have any ill effects from what I've seen. The camera becomes a bit warm to the touch, but that's all. Not hot, just warm, which is not unexpected. I ran out of battery before I was anywhere close to filling up my memory card. Recording at 1080p@60fps for 100 mins produced a video file approx. 18.5 GB large.

I hope you all enjoy this, I know there have been a few threads in the past about modding the camera in this way, so I hope more than a few of you can get some use out of it. I'll continue to poke and prod at the firmware to see what else I can figure out, but don't expect miracles. I'm actually very new at this sort of modding.

Link to download: nx300 1.45b unofficial fw.zip

This link doesn't work anymore!

Anybody know any alternative download the source for this?


I have to give credit to the person who created this website, which contains some very useful info about taking apart and putting the firmware back together. I probably would've bricked my camera without it.

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