NX300 firmware hack to remove video recording limitations

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Ari Aikomus
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recording time limitation is for EU

Chris62 wrote:

As far I know recording time limitation is for Eurpean market for tax reasons.
USA copies are free of this limitation.

My LX7 for USA version has no limitation and EU version is limited.

EU law predict that still camera able to record movies longer than 30 min is movie camera and the tax is higher.

It is stupid as many other things in EU.

That's unfortunately true. We are trying to be very advanced here in Europe, but a lot of things crashing its own absurdity, how naive we can be? ...Perhaps the millions of refugees will "provide" us more realism?

Anyway ( ) , Would it be possible to just install "USA - firmware" to NX300 (and maybe to NX500 also), to evade this problem? Or does such  a firmware even exist?


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