Please Mr Nikon, no video

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Re: Please Mr Nikon, no video

cm71td wrote:

NickZ2016 wrote:

How much extra are you willing to pay not to have video?

seoulsurvivor wrote:

Yeah, for some reason and against all logic I can see such a camera coming at a premium, not at a discount.

Actually, it would be perfectly logical. Decreasing the market size for a product leads to smaller production runs, and a smaller recoup of engineering costs.

I'm curious about those who don't want video... Is it the perceived extra cost that bothers you, or do you feel like you somehow have less of a stills camera because it has video?

Or is it just "Real photographers use cameras that don't shoot video"?

It is perfectly logical to want to remove the video features. Without those features, the camera would have fewer buttons, fewer menu options, a thinner user guide, and it would be slightly simpler to both learn and use.

However, considering the cost of removing the features and the small amount of simplification, I consider it one of the world's minor issues.

There are bigger problems to worry about:

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