Debating Olympus bodies' video quality

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Re: Debating Olympus bodies' video quality

kaktusss wrote:

Paulmorgan wrote:

If your interested in C_AF for video why are you looking at M4/3, all you need is a point and shoot or phone.

I'm interested at m4/3 as it's the best system for my use. Compact, light and advanced bodies with compact, light and high optical quality lenses. The aps-c hybrid systems have too big and expensive lenses (my opinion), smaller sensor system mean no shallow dof.

Point and shoot and phones don't give that extra creativity and dynamic range. I'm sure Olympus should concentrate on video quality for next cameras, people buy hybrid cameras to have a versatile compact system.

I shouldn't use two devices to shoot pictures and films in 2016, but my LG G3 phone and its tiny super cheap sensor actually resolves more detail (sharpness) on videos than my E-PL5 or E-M5 MKII.

C-AF is a matter of AF technology (CDAF, PDAF) but also on camera software/firmware. I think it's time to put OSPDAF on all future Olympus bodies, like Sony did, with advanced settings on how C-AF is done (super quick af or slower but smoother transition).

Well for video I`m looking at slightly flat and soft results, much better for grading and post work and you can adjust camera settings for this.

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