Please Mr Nikon, no video

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Re: Please Mr Nikon, no video

Huh? There's a substantial downside to having video functionality built into a DLSR or is this pure conjecture?

I would have thought that the only non-trivial cost would have been R&D spread out across multiple product lines (i.e. not big in terms of the cost of an individual camera, certainly not a couple of hundred per body). There would be trivial costs like video-specific controls which can probably remapped for other purposes, or maybe an extra button or two.

It's not like the ability to shoot video results in a bulkier body, worse still performance or lower reliability. Or am I missing something here?

The times I've tried shooting video on a DSLR can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I'm completely not interested in it, and prefer to whip out a pocket camera for this anyway. But not including video strikes me as crippling the functionality of a product for no real benefit and no real savings.

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