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no: it cannot really AF while filming...

Yup, I know what the marketing literature says!

In real life however, firstly Nikon's contrast-detect engine is horribly behind the times (slow processing, no advanced ideas such as defocus measure a la Panasonic), and secondly Nikon have not thought about introducing phase-detection pixels on the imaging sensor.  So in practice, it can't really AF while filming.  There are tons of video samples on the web showing this, for any Nikon DSLR one choses to look at.

And that's before we mention the fact that most of the Nikon lenses were never meant to do video, and so when the cameras attempt to AF with them, this produces weird noises that get picked up by any on-board microphone.

Of course, a pro, with a dedicated rig, and using only MF, can indeed film with a Nikon DSLR.

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antoineb wrote:

- all this being said, I personally never use my DSLR for video. Why? Because it is heavy and because it can't AF while filming. For short family things I use my Smartphone.

Actually, it can autofocus while recording video.

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