Please Mr Nikon, no video

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Re: If it has live view, the video comes with it already.

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It's the Df.

Or, just ignore the video record button on your camera.

I do ignore the video button. I have it remapped to ISO on my D750. My fear though is that if Nikon did produce a standard DSLR style body without video (not DF form factor) it would probably go for the same price or similar to a body with video. I would only entertain the idea of no video if there was a distinct price advantage or if it added a feature or two to replace the lack of video which would justify a high price.

It is already there, not a "costly add on" as you imagine. Taking it out to make a still only camera will only complicate production to increase the cost and you will then end up paying more for a niche product. Why do you think the Df costs so much more???

Well the Df is a triple niche product.  Not only does it not have video and only a 16mp sensor which these days  is a negative for most people if they arn't also getting like 10 fps in trade off,  but it has that Frankenstein retro on the front and top, contemporary on the back design  that appeals to far less people as well.  That's why it's so expensive compared to it's closest relative specs and features wise, the D610.

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