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Re: Nice to have the extra button

Bill1000Evening wrote:

I have a Df and a D800 and I never shoot video - but it's great to have the button on the 800 - programmed to control ISO. I use it all the time.

Yep a lot of people do that.  I don't think it's any coincidence the mode button was moved to the turret and that the ISO button has moved to that same area on the D5 and D500 and probably the D810 successor.  It is a much more logical place for it than the turret.  It can be operated one handed and is now in the same area and on the same side as the the shutter and aperture controls.  So the 3 settings you usually change the most while shooting are now grouped together on the right side and operated with the same hand.  Looks like it will also be easier to use with gloves on than the flat buttons my D800 has on the turret.

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