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Not false logic

seoulsurvivor wrote:

I understand the scales of economy of production runs vs possible minimal sales volumes (yet to be convinced of that one) but this line or theory about how removing the video component wouldn't lower the price or in fact make it higher just doesn't sit with me. I find it hard to believe that removing a feature such as 4K video (which everything will be at least from now on) in built mike, headphone and speaker jacks and focus assist software such as zebra, would not result in a significant reduction in price.

The cost of those components is not great. The cost of getting someone to do a different design to un-incorporate video features should not be underestimated. Production of a second version of software without some component modules is a significant cost, as rather than having to test one bit of software end-to-end every time a firmware release is made, you have to test two.

Also I understand that current sensor technology and production takes into account the need to accommodate both photos and video and it would almost impossible to separate the 2 these days to be able to produce a camera without video. However, it was clearly done with the D300 and D700 and most recently the DF. Yes the DF came with a premium price tag, but think about it, was it for the absence of video ( I think not) or rather for it's unique form factor and Nikon knowing they could up the anti on price with such a stylish product they knew many would fall in love with.

Some of those features which are essential for video also have significant potential use in stills - for instance the global shutter, which could allow you to take stills silently and without any induced vibration or wear to a mechanical shutter. News and sports photographers are going to be very interested in 12MP grabs from 4K video which ensure that they will get the exact moment they are after - in effect a 25 FPS motordrive.

I am a still-only photographer, but the video abilities of my kit are easily ignored and don't tend to get in the way - I would advise to just use the excellent stills capability of the available equipment - don't reject the swiss army knife just because it has a toothpick that you will never use.

Ordering off the a-la-carte menu may get you exaxtly the meal you desire, but it will not be better value than the plate-de-jour and it is unlikely to be of any higher quality.

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