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Re: Please Mr Nikon, no video

hdkhang wrote:

KSV wrote:

Problem with video that (and I am firmly believe in this) video-enabled sensor is a compromise and without video it could be developed in such way that high-ISO (that I value the most in digital) will be yet better and cleaner. But it is very costly for them to develop few sensors in parallel, so it is very unreasonable to hope that they ever will do "pure" still sensor in near future. And lets face it - even with video modern sensors are so damn good as never before!

So absent of video will not improve stills if sensor is capable for video and it simply blocked. Saying all this I still very happy that my Df has not got that stupid video button.

I'd bet you would be very very wrong in your assumption.

Video functionality requires sensors that do not overheat as much, a sensor that overheats is one that adds noise to the image. Video drove the development of more efficient sensors, and that helped with high ISO image quality that you so value (as well as I'm sure, long exposure photography). You should be grateful for video.

Statement is true, but conclusion is wrong. Heat is big problem and this is true, but it generates by extensive usage of sensor, i.e. video, so for pure still it is unnecessarily to battle those heat because it not generated at first place.

Second function that helped with image making, video drove the demand for faster processing and faster image read out which drove adoption of better processors for image processing.

Again it is for video only. May be partially for high FPS. I am not interested. However exactly necessity for fast enough readout that vital for video making compromise in still - cells cannot be discharge properly fast enough.

Unrelated to photo taking but video also expanded the market reach of DSLR's to a generation of film makers who in part helped to bring the prices of cameras down.

And who buying D5 and alike exclusively for film making? Even if one made perfectly fine videoprocessor very nature of DSLR and in particular it ergonomic makes it incredibly uncomfortable to shoot video. Expending market is just fantasy, no more. Video demanded in DSLR by greedy people who like to buy one unit that do everything and they believe that they will use it. And also stupid herd that like all boxes ticked - indeed why 6K DSLR cannot do it when iPhone can? It is like 4WD - 95% why buy them use them just for shopping and fool themselves that one day they will go for that trip. Never happens. Yes 4WD (and DSLR for this merit) became more affordable because sold in masses, but people who buying 4WD to go out (actually intended purpose) have to modify them heavily because from factory they catered for those 95% of <<insert your favorite insult word here>> that never go out. Unfortunately DSLR cannot be modified that easy.

So IMHO video in DSLR is useless gimmick that compromises still performance. But unfortunately we have to live with it. I just glad that my Df has not got that ugly video button.

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