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there is the Df!

Hi seoulsurvivor,

couple thoughts:

- you do not have to use any of the video features in any camera.  And things have evolved in such a way that where that camera has video features, you're not paying extra for them, at least not much.

- camera makers have to try to run a business that can live on for years, in the face of growing pressure from smartphones (more exactly: smartphones already represent 97 percent of all cameras sold!).  One of the axes is video, because pros and enthusiasts increasingly want video, because their clients want video.  They don't have the luxury to make a stills-only camera, except with very niche, and ideally premium, positioning.
Nikon has one such product:  the Df.  Solid image quality.  A bit pedestrian performance though: 5.5 fps, more importantly AF sensitive only down to -1EV ie requires 2x more light than an old D7000, 4x more light than a D7200 or D750 or D810, and 8x more light than a D500.
Proble with the Df is that it has a weird design, mixed direct controls and digital controls, and it is pricey, around $2'800.  You can get a better-performing D750 for just $2'000: better AF, better screen, better high ISO, and you even get a built-in flash.

- all this being said, I personally never use my DSLR for video.  Why?  Because it is heavy and because it can't AF while filming.  For short family things I use my Smartphone.

seoulsurvivor wrote:

This will put the cat amongst the pigeons. There is no doubt that the latest products to be announced, the D5 and D500 look to be great cameras.........on paper at least, and I'm sure they'll sell well to their intended market. Well done, Nikon!

But with all the latest features and enhancements that accompany these new products which no doubt evolve as a result of market feedback, I wonder if we will ever see a camera in the future which lacks video and is aimed squarely at the stills photographer. Think about the amazingly popular (and still is an all time favorite of many) D700.

I for one have never used the video component of my cameras and I guarantee I never will in the future. Video just doesn't interest me at all. Surely I'm not alone in this boat. Yes, yes, I know Nikon is not going to build a camera just for me and I know some will say that it's better to have it available if ever you need it. I get all that. But many users are paying for a feature that they will never use and I would love to see a quality product slipped into the product range which gives consumers a choice between video or no video. With the D800/D800e we had a choice of AA filter or not. In the D5 we have a choice of CF cards or XQD cards. Surely it wouldn't be that difficult to give us a video option.

Personally, if I had a FF body say with 24mp and the build quality of the old D700 or the later D8** models, but minus the video, I'd probably never part with it. Surely there must be a huge market for such a camera based around thousands upon thousands of users who never use and never intend to use the video component.

I'm sure it will never happen because camera production has much to do with keeping up with or staying ahead of the opposition and it would probably require Nikon to go out on a limb and take a huge gamble with such a product. A product sans video to me would be all about getting back to basics, but at a higher level. I may be totally wrong, but I would venture to say that many of the pro sports shooters or photo journos who simply want quality images at a super high frame rate, rarely if ever use the video function and would love to see a product simply aimed at stills photography if it came at a reduced price.

No doubt many readers will come back to me telling me they use their video all the time and I have no idea what I'm talking about. Fair enough, but I'd like to see what non video users have to say and what they would like to see in their future non video FF body.


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