Please Mr Nikon, no video

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Re: Please Mr Nikon, no video

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Okay. I'm exaggerating a bit. But you know what I'm talking about. The fact remains that many users of video insist that non video users simply buy cameras with video and not use it. The alternative is for videos users to not buy cameras that don't have video. Yes, those models will sell in smaller numbers and will no doubt cost more. So what? If you aren't buying one it shouldn't matter to you what it costs.

I don't shoot video, but I don't mind that it's included in my D800. In fact, I'm glad it's there in case the day comes when I need it.

I don't mind if Nikon makes bodies without video for those who prefer not having it. But I don't see how it would be cheaper given the relative sales volumes. Maybe the cheapest way to do it is to take existing bodies, remove the video record button and hide the video-related menus--and charge more of course.

That would be fine for me if the additional price was reasonable. Say, a couple hundred dollars. The video button doesn't need to be removed. Just programmed to another function. Or better yet, make it user programable as many are now. Not having video related menus in the way is worth something to me. I'm sure I'm the exception. Since Nikon is willing to make two different models of the D5 (involving hardware), a separate model of some particular model to simply use a bit different firmware to remove the video function menus should be very doable.

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