What should I Shut Up and do? D700, D810 or Hold My Breath?

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Re: What should I Shut Up and do? D700, D810 or Hold My Breath?

ArtAlt wrote:

The LCD screen ("live view") is in effect Nikon's electronic viewfinder. ... I imagine that Nikon could implement magnification on the LCD (to assist manual focus) electronically, no? Not sure how they could implement an EVF alongside an OVF, because they are so different. Fuji has some kind of hybrid but I think that the optical view is really a viewfinder, not through the lens OVF.

It is feasible to use the D700's LCD magnified live view at arms length, or held up to your eye with a Zacuto Z-Finder 3x Optical Viewfinder (with beautiful Schneider optics).  But the LCD on the back of the camera isn't a great substitute for an electronic viewfinder because of the difficulty of holding a heavy camera still at arms length, and because a magnifier steadied against your eye on the back of the LCD makes the setup so big and awkward to use hand held.

Would have hoped that Nikon had used the last four years to invent a hybrid optical and electronic viewfinder, but if this was not successful, they could supply interchangeable viewfinders as they did for decades with the F series film SLR bodies so you could swap the optical and EVF as needed.  As a last resort they could at least offer an inelegant separate electronic viewfinder that sits atop the prism in the accessory shoe.  Alternatively, they could have two finders on the DSLR, one electronic at the corner of the back and one optical in the center.  Having two places to look into the camera, although not ideal, would hardly be unprecedented, as many rangefinder cameras had both a viewfinder and a separate rangefinder window, for example, the Leica III, and recent Leica digital M rangefinders have both a combined viewfinder/rangefinder window and a separate EVF window above.

Since Nikon's current DSLR finders display focus boxes, etc., superimposed on the optical image, it would seem relatively easy to substitute a more capable transparent display able to show an electronic image.  In live view mode, with the mirror up and blocking the optical path to the viewfinder, you would see an illuminated electronic image.  When the mirror is down, the electronic image would be off except for superimposed indicators such as focus, artificial horizon, and grid lines, and the data display next to edge of the photographic image.  The optical focus screen located just at the bottom of the electronic display would be viewed through the transparent electronic display.

I'm sure Nikon can figure out how to design a focus screen combined with an illuminated electronic display that can show the live view image, as such a hybrid viewfinder is just a more capable variation of what they already use.

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